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    The Travel Toppers Tours Club is open only to residents of the On Top

   of the World Communities.  Any non-residents who participate in meetings

       or trips must be a guest of a resident Club Member.   This Club has a status as a not-for-profit corporation.  This is not a commercial enterprise. 


NOTE: You MUST dial the 352 area code for all Local Calls


President:            Linda Hein        352-861-9880


                             Vice President:  Sharon Stetsen    207-838-3776                                                                       

                             Secretary:         Mary Lamp          352-854-9378                                                                

 Treasurer:          Gail Ambrose      954-614-0898


  Member at Large: Janet Wiles      804-243-4008


   E-mail / Web:       Allan Rickards   352-390-3075

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