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Travel Toppers


Date Last Updated: 7/8/2024

           *  Chicago SOLD OUT - Wait List Only

           (To print the current newsletter, click on Newsletter / Events. There you will
           see a link that will allow you to open / print a pdf file.)

       Travel Topper's Tours is a group of volunteers who arrange trips at the best cost for all On Top Of

   the World residents and their guests.


       The Travel Topper's Tours Club is open only to residents of the On Top of the World Communities 

  residents along with Indigo and Weybourne Communities residents with a valid Gateway Service Pass.

  Any non-residents who participate in trips must be a guest of a resident Club Member. This Club has a

  status as a not-for-profit corporation. This is not a commercial enterprise.    


      If you have any suggestions for future trips, please contact any Travel Topper Officer and let us know 

  where you would like us to plan a trip. As new trips become available, they are advertised in the “OTOW

  Happenings” of the Citizen and our web site.


                  Please check out our website,


                              for updated information regarding 2024-25 trips.


     All trip information can be found on our web site, is published in the OTOW monthly paper, and will be on

  flyers in the different bulletin board areas, i.e., the Recreation Center.


     If you are interested in any of our trips, please contact the coordinator on or after the booking date given. 

  All calls should be made Mondays through Fridays from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. only.  Since all coordinators are

  volunteers, we ask that you please respect their weekends by making all calls during the stated times

  weekdays only.  All payments (checks only) are due upon booking unless stated otherwise.  Checks must be

  made payable to “Travel Topper’s Tours, Inc.”  


As of January 1, 2023, a Gateway Service Pass is required for Indigo and Weybourne residents.

Car Parking is in the secure Travel Topper's Parking Lot off 81st Loop.



     Travel Topper’s Tours and its volunteers practice safety procedures for the residents of On Top of The

  World.  When participating in our tours, ALL residents are required to follow the directions of the volunteers

  when both entering and exiting the parking area off of 81st Loop. Both Golf Carts and Cars will follow the

  same rules for each trip.  Anyone who does not follow the safety procedures will be denied a reservation on

  future trips conducted by Travel Topper’s Tours.




      Board members are continuously looking for ideas for both day trips and cruises.  To get good prices, we

  need to make commitments sometimes a year or more in advance. Please refer to our web site for all current

  information.  If you have ideas you would like to share, please contact one of the board members. If you are

  interested in participating in Travel Toppers, please contact one of the current board members. We would

  love to use your talents as a tour host, as someone who can assist with taking trip reservations, etc. We look

  forward to hearing from you. Consider signing up for our monthly e-mail Newsletter.

  Please call Allan Rickards at 352-390-3075 or email:

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