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Travel Toppers


Date Last Updated: 6/7/2023

     * Updated Newsletter for June.

    * Travel Topper's is in need of a Vice President to join the Board. Please contact a
        board member if you are interested in fulfilling this function for the club.

     *  The price quoted for the 2024 RCI Valentine's Day cruise is only valid through
         March 2, 2023. After March 2, 2023, the price will be increased. 

      *  Changed coordinator for "Cats"

      *  Added prices, coordinator, and details about Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta


   Travel Toppers Tours is a group of volunteers who arrange trips at the best cost for all On Top Of

   the World residents and their guests.


                The Travel Toppers Tours Club is open only to residents of the On Top of the World  and

                Indigo Communities.  Any non-residents who participate in meetings or trips must be a

               guest of a resident Club Member. This Club has a status as a not-for-profit corporation.  

              This is not a commercial enterprise.    


       To reserve any of the trips, please call the coordinator on the registration date listed.  There is a limit of one call per household with a maximum of two seats.  However, two seats may be reserved for non-local overnight guests.  The coordinator will explain the payment details and cancellation policy.

       Car Parking is in the secure Travel Topper's Parking Lot off 81st Loop.


       If you do not see a trip that you are interested in, and you think that it would also be of interest to others, please contact any of the people listed below; and an effort will be made to find out if that particular trip can be undertaken at a future date.

       If you have any suggestions for future trips, please contact any Travel Topper Officer and let us know where you would like us to plan a trip.


    As new trips become available, they will be advertised in the "On Top of The World Happenings" of the

Citizen and our web site.

   Please check out our website for updated trip information.

    Remember these trips are open only to residents of On Top of the World and Indigo communities and their guests. As of January 1, 2023, a Gateway Pass is required for residents of Indigo and Weybourne communities.

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