Travel Toppers                                                       Ocala, FL

          Linda Hein, President                                         352-861-9880

          Inge Gaitch, Vice President                               352-237-7428  

          Gail Ambrose, Treasurer                                    954-614-0898

          Anne W Parker, Secretary                                  843-504-0032

          Janet Wiles, Director at Large                           804-243-4008

          Web Address

                                                    September 2019 - June 2020

Travel Toppers Tours
Quality Travel Club of On Top of The World

    All our trips are escorted by members of the Board, and include gratuities, taxes, and tip for the driver.


    Check our web site for more details on upcoming trips.



Consider signing up for our

e-mail Newsletter.


Please call

Allan Rickards at 216-0528




As new trips become available, they are advertised in the

“On Top of The World Happenings” of the Citizen.




The Travel Toppers Tours Club is open only to residents of the On Top of the

World Communities.    Any non-residents who participate in meetings or trips

must be a guest of a resident Club Member.  This Club has a status as a

not-for-profit corporation.  This is not a commercial enterprise.  

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